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2016 Submissions

Chaoz Allargando (Chaoz Fantasy Orchestral RMX) Classical Song
Blade of Kohotel Cinematic Song
Introspection Trance Song
RAMBreaker Dubstep Song
Calydian Shore [WIP] Dubstep Song
Full Circle (unmastered) Dubstep Song
Asphodel (Drum Cover) Ambient Song
Pastures of Elysium Trance Song
Antares' Answer -- Remastered Trance Song
Antares' Answer Trance Song
Sanguintum Redox Dubstep Song
Gamma Pioneer Trance Song
Trefolio Dubstep Song
Meta Knight Poopstorm Drum N Bass Song
Arc Descending Dance Song

2013 Submissions

Sanguinitum Trance Song
Kohotelian Epiphany Trance Song
Renescent Trance Song
Home Found Ambient Song

2012 Submissions

Rise of The Phoenix Trance Song